Our Vision

Guthrie School of Dance strives to provide an inviting atmosphere for dancers of any age and ability by offering a rage of dance classes for kids and adults.

We have gathered a unique group of teachers who share our passion for dance and Celtic heritage. Our teachers are crossed trained in a variety of disciplines including Scottish Highland and Country dance, Canadian Step dance, Ballet, Movement and Balance, Yoga, and more.

Fitness & Yoga

Are you looking for a creative way to get your weekly work-out? Try our new Sláinte Class!  

We are also partnering with a great company to offer Yoga at our Toronto Beaches Studio!            

Our Strength

Our Teachers

Guthrie School of Dance


Ballet is the foundation to many dance styles. A solid ballet foundation allows a dancer to excel in any form of dance they take up.              

Kristy Van Hoven

Founding Director

Expertise: Highland, Ceilidh, Fitness 

Highland Dance

A style of competitive solo dancing developed in the Scottish Highlands in the context of competitions at public events. Our dancers travel all around North America!                     

Scottish Country Dance

Try out this elegant Scottish form of ballroom dancing and feel like a royalty!     

It will also help you maintain your health and fitness.